Originally from Haiti, Véroushka has been dancing since the age of 3. From then on began his debut on stage. Until the age of 15, she took classes in drama, classical, Latin and contemporary dance, as well as Haitian folk dances.

At 18, she landed in Montreal where she obtained her bachelor's degree in organizational communications. At the same time, she continued her dance training by perfecting her style and technique in urban, social and contemporary dances, as well as in Haitian dances. This is thanks to numerous intensive courses, internships and workshops across Canada, the United States and Haiti.

Since 2010, she has specialized in traditional Haitian dances, Afro-contemporary and Dancehall. She is a member of the dance company Aurée Danse-Création directed by choreographer Shérane Figaro.

In 2018, she obtained a graduate degree in management of cultural organizations from HEC Montréal, which allowed her to perfect her knowledge of Quebec's cultural environment.

During the same year, she participated in the live TV show "America's Best Dance Crew - Quebec (Danser pour Gagner), hosted by Julie Snyder, with her team Womanity which made it to the Top 5 of the best urban dance troupes in Quebec.

Since Spring 2020, Veroushka started her online dance program "DANCE IN YOUR ZONE, GROW BEYOND". This program aims to empower everyone who wishes to become a better dancer, or simply a dancer starting from the basis. DZBG positions itself as a tool cave that dancers enter before, during and after taking their dance classes, a complementary training. 

Veroushka never seizes to learn and to transmit. It's her passion.

Dancing with Véroushka

Véroushka has a passion for teaching as well as for continuing education.

She coaches various dance troupes and companies in Montreal, including Scream Dance Academy, A’Motion Dance and Studio Danse Montreal.

Since 2013, Véroushka has been developing the Rabòday dance style in parallel, which she presents as a gesture directly drawn from traditional Haitian dances and inspired by the musicality and technicality of urban dances. A style all of her own that has charmed a wide variety of audiences.

In 2018, she founded the group RabòdAyiti which performs on various stages in Montreal, including Articien, Carifiesta and Showcase Reprezent.

Véroushka believes in personal development and never tires of discovering and promoting dance in its physical, mental and spiritual levels.